Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hello, everyone.

Microsoft Visio is an excellent tool for making technical diagrams. A skilled user can create documentation for almost any environment or process.
For example, I have created a flowchart illustrating the correct usage of the phrase, "Oh, Snap!"

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Hopefully, adding this to our technical library will alleviate confusion in situations for which this phrase may or may not be called.
It should be noted: Visio is a hoot.
In other news, a little research into the maker of the CJ-2000 featured in the post from yesterday turned up the new coffee of choice:

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"Adrenaline Explosion"! Long-time readers will know, I'm enthusiastic about anything marketed as "Extreme" or "Extra" or even, more often than not, "New". While "Adrenaline Explosion" doesn't specifically claim to be any of those things, they are implied.
Judging from the packaging, it is further implied that "Adrenaline Explosion" is the best coffee for a rainy Saturday afternoon spent watching Bravo.
Taste the excitement, people.

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