Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm here early, but even for early on a Monday morning this place seems pretty cleared out.
Either a whole bunch of vacation schedules have aligned or a lot of people fled the coming . . . light rain. 30% chance of isolated showers today, Houston. Let's be safe out there.
Either way, I was free to make my own pot of coffee.
I'm also free to do exactly what I would have done in Scottsdale, only without all the packing and unpacking of suitcases and general life turmoil.
As I've expressed before, I hate it when people plan things for me. There are ways I like to get things done, and "last minute" is rarely one of the preferred ones.
The schedule for today includes finishing our remote application suite in case someone in management decides to switch over to our Disaster Recovery site even if the storm has no chance of hitting us. Someone not "in the business" might think that this sounds silly. It sounds silly to those of us in I.T. as well, but usually we add more profanity and (maybe) a reference to ninja death squads.

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