Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's a Saturday and I'm at work, so you have to know something has gone terribly wrong.
Yesterday I spent about ten hours providing solid, sustained technical solutions in order to bring our Disaster Recovery systems online. I don't mind saying that providing access to Microsoft Office applications and our SAP infrastructure to every user in the company from wherever they can grab an internet connection on the planet in a single day is justification for an insane amount of bragging.
I should also note that the feat was accomplished while looking absolutely smashing.
Today, I'm solidifying the architecture and purchasing the necessary server certificates to avoid the users getting annoying pop-ups which would generate a flood of Help Desk tickets no one would be around to respond to.
My itinerary puts the departure time at 5:40 pm CST Sunday from the good airport.
There was some discussion of our using the corporate jet. In other news, we have a corporate jet.
In the end, it was decided to just buy us some tickets on a regular old plane.
The "Avengers Assemble!" team consists of two from the server side, a network guy, an SAP specialist . . . and my daughter, Gwynyth.
She is looking forward to the trip as a big adventure and her enthusiasm is appreciated.
She will be happy with a few hours of kid-friendly TV in the hotel in the evening and some games and activities on the laptop during the day.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure she realizes just how potentially mind-numbing this trip may be for her.
I mean, she will be sitting in a freezing-cold datacenter for hours everyday while I do whatever the hell it is I do.
I've also made it abundantly clear to her that she and I will be using the company credit card as though we hate the fact that the numbers are bumpy, and she is fully on-board with that.
Last night, while we discussed ways to just be ridiculous with food expenses, she offered to even eat vegetables . . . "As long as they are fancy vegetables. Like Dijon vegetables." That's the spirit.
I don't know if Scottsdale has a place with Dijon vegetables, but I'll do my best.
I spent some time yesterday declining company-provided daycare for our stay in Arizona by requesting full criminal background checks of every employee of every daycare in the greater Phoenix area. I also made sure that Gwynyth is on "The List" for access to the secure datacenter. Her finger may be too small for the bio-metric scanner, but she stays with me. As boring as that may be for her.

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