Monday, August 06, 2007

So, Monday, we meet again.
I don't think you have any idea, Bane of the Work Week, exactly with whom you are messing.
I slept last night. I didn't stay up playing World of Warcraft (which is my Sunday night tradition) in anticipation of the new expansion pack which will be released not even a full year from now. I must prepare for that event, but I knew today would require me to function at 80% efficiency, at a minimum, and that calls for sleep. And caffeine.
Today, I'm working on our web-filtering. As it stands now, every user mouse click is monitored -- until they make a secure connection. At that point, everything falls into the "Non-HTTP" bucket, so banking, secure check-out, and off-shore gambling sites with SSL login pages are all the same to us.
That has to change.
And if the software we have isn't doing it correctly by noon I have to find another software solution.
Good times.
Better times are to be had at the Up To Bat web comic. Not only has Belinda the snake taken on a much-deserved larger role in the story, I've been immortalized in in comic form as well.
While it is all in good fun, Andrew has actually given me a new idea for caffeine delivery which has me scouring Ebay and half a dozen quasi-reputable importers in an attempt to reproduce it IRL.

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