Thursday, August 16, 2007

I decided that what this page needs is a banner at the top. A big, glorious, full-color banner proclaiming to the world that they have arrived at the proper place on the inter-tubes.
Something that screams, "Wisdom! Wisdom is scrawled in screen-friendly text below me! But, if you hate using the mouse wheel or down arrow, you can stay right here and gaze at the glory that is ME: The Banner for Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng!"
You know, something tasteful and understated.
According to the process I use when I need new things, I began dropping hints at home.
"I saw this really cool banner today . . . I sure could use one for the webpage."
"You know, a banner would really set my site apart from all the other geek/pop-culture/technology weblogs out there."
"Hey, I found a site that let me know how to substitute a custom hand-crafted banner for the plain-old regular Blogspot default that makes me blend in with all those Italian Mortgage Broker pages."
And finally (also according to process) Shana tired of the hint dropping (which was rapidly developing into the full-on whining stage) and settled in to make that banner to express her love and make me shut up about it.
It had a full-color photo background.
It had "Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng" in awesome retro-tech font.
It had a space for the slogan.
Yeah. About that. . . .
Is there anything from the past year and a half that is truly slogan-worthy?
"Where Awesome Happens" was good. Brilliant, actually. But it hasn't caused the global marketing wildfire I think we all expected.
Is there anything that sticks out as a slogan, motto, catchphrase or war cry?
I've scanned it a bit, but my perspective is slanted. There were things which I just tossed out there that got a better reaction than things which I thought were pretty damned amusing.
The recurring theme from my glance back at the older posts seems to be, if anything, "commas are cool".
That could be the worst slogan in the history of slogans.
Surely you guys can do better. What phrase works for a banner slogan for this weird little corner of the interwebz?
Comments would be awesome, but email to would also work.
I'd be more than happy to spring for a t-shirt if someone can come up with something to complete this banner project so that I can move on with my life.
It is past time for me to start dropping hints around the house about an HD-DVD/Blu-Ray combo player.


Andrew Moore said...

"4n 0ld Sch00l G33k 1n 4 N3w Sch00l W0rld"

"K1tt3ns 4 S4l3!"

"Pwn1ng Pr3tty S1nc3 1972"

Did I get the birth year right?

Garrick said...

You, sir, rock.

Andrew Moore said...

OMG ... you are not three years older than me!

"Pwning Pr3++y S1nc3 1974"


"Your Daily Espresso Shot of Geek"

"+20 to Charisma"

I'm sure Pam has a few obscene ideas to share ... she didn't earn the name "Dammit Gump the Nasty" for naught.

Andrew Moore said...

"Your Source for Geeky Up-To-The-Minute Weather Reports in the Houston Area"

Pamela Moore said...

Sorry I'm late on this. I'll try to come up with more later.

"G33k - It's what's for dinner!"

"Have you hugged a geek today?"

"Geeking through life since [insert date]"

"Geeks make better lovers" (I don't know if that's true because I married a nerd and not a geek. I think it was some slogan from the early 80s.)

Pamela Moore said...

"Werewolf Underwear Models Unite!"

Pamela Moore said...

How about "Where it's @"? Get it? Geeky enough for ya?

"I got your geek right here!"

"MUST . . . HAVE . . . COFFEE"

Andrew Moore said...

I wish I had thought of "Where it's @."

Andrew Moore said...

"DaHjajaj QaQ Daghajjaj" ("Have a Nice Day" in Klingon.)