Tuesday, August 14, 2007

There was much celebration last night at our house, I'm sure you know.
I mean, how does one react to the best news ever? Of course by cracking open a couple of dozen Zimas, throwing on some leg warmers and putting an extra golf shirt over my existing golf shirt (collars turned up).
Seriously, the news could not have come at a better time. We've been working on Gwynyth's musical education all summer (funding for the Arts in school being what it is someone has to step up) and we have just finished my self-designed course on "Synth-Metal Bands of the 80s" (Asia FTW) and (I'm not even kidding here) were about to move on to "Hair Metal and Its Effect on Men's Right to Gel" when my RSS reader started freaking out over a keyword match I'd programmed long ago.
At first (after shutting down that annoying alarm) I was not too excited. I figured it was one of my other RSS feed reader keyword triggers like "chupacabra" or "Robot Uprising" or "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2" but it wasn't. It was better.
I'm still giddy.
I should clarify for anyone not following these historic events as closely as I am. The Van Halen Reunion Tour is officially back on.
They haven't announced a Houston date, but they will.
Oh yes. Van Halen will not neglect their fans down here.
Also, this isn't some coked-up Sammy Hagar Van Halen, either. This is serious Van Halen with David Lee Freaking Roth.
Shana is also enthusiastic about it. So enthusiastic in fact that her reaction seems to have skipped right through triumphant ALL CAPS glee and on to a detached apathy. Some times the news is too good, it seems.

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Dre said...

sweeet. hope you kids have a blast @ the show!

i once flew the same flight to seattle (SW) with mr. roth. for a music festival. he looked, um, tired.

i was not there for david lee - old 97's and neko case were my priority.