Saturday, August 04, 2007

Two quick things:

The first is the Scottish page for Wikipedia. I'm all about the free and open sharing of information on the internet, but this page looks to have been entirely written by Groundskeeper Willie. I've tried to be fair to my co-workers in Aberdeen so far, but all bets are off after this. I'm all for the "Respectful Workplace". I've got a stack of "Course Completed" sheets from "Respectful Workplace" workshops. But Seriously.
"Gettin Startit"?
"Scotland's Ceeties"?
"Airt an cultur"?
The second thing is that the massive problem with spam could be forever solved . . . by kittens.
I knew it.


Andrew Moore said...

Oh. My. God. Could it be ... it is possible that THE Kevin Larson reads your blog? Wow.

BTW - Your caricature is up at "Up to Bat." Enjoy.

tess said...

Further proof that kittens totally rule! =D