Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yes. Two posts on a Saturday.
I thought I'd post an update. Excuse me while I play weather person for a moment.
Hurricane Dean:
The official company update is something along the lines of, "Holy crap! We're all going to die!"
You've probably seen an image like this one --

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I'll admit. That's quite a bit scary.

Here is the official predicted path --

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Hmmm . . .
It could slam into Houston, but even the most paranoid northernmost edge is still only really a glancing hit. Our plane leaves Sunday afternoon anyway.

Hey! Just for fun, let's look at my favorite image --

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I'm no weather genius. I'll admit that.
But those two high pressure circles there off the coast of Florida? Those mean a few things as far as I understand it.
First, the high pressure circles will frighten the hurricane south. Hurricanes are very afraid of circles. I learned that from watching the muted Weather Channel for hours every day at my last job.
Second, these circles will make things suck a lot for (I think) Cancun.
Lastly, (and most importantly) LAN party in Scottsdale by the pool!
Sure. It'll be 107° the whole time we are there, but it is (as I understand it) a dry heat.

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