Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let's see . . . What are we missing?
In reverse order, we have Van Halen, pirates, some stuff about World of Warcraft, Joss Whedon, National Night Out, more stuff about World of Warcraft and then my comic debut.
Ah, yes. I'll complain about a co-worker. It has been a while. I don't want anyone going soft on me.
So. I'm a part of "Global Technical Services". Our team is ultimately responsible if stuff breaks anywhere on the planet. Rather than spring for private jets (fingers crossed on the '08 budget) we have site admins at (or near) the places not within walking distance of the corporate offices.
Mostly, these people handle their own stuff and they do it well. We get called if the problem is weird or . . . unnatural.
We have one site admin though, who calls for just about everything. That's fine, too. He's been with the company forever and (it seems) according to some policy he isn't really required to do anything.
But wait! That's not why I'm complaining! Really! In I.T. we come into contact with people who do nothing all the time, though admittedly most of those people are in the big offices with the giant bare desks and pictures of yachts on the wall.
This guy calls us (why no email?) and generally starts off with, "I know this may not be your area but I figured I'd ask . . . " followed by a question that falls into one of two categories:

1. Something firmly his responsibility that he is trying to fling off on someone, anyone. (90%)
2. Something that is probably still his responsibility but that I can do faster which results in my offering to do it "so that he can get back to . . ." with the note that my suggestion of what he should get back to is generally something that we asked for months ago and never got. (10%)

And then this happens:
He says, "Okay, Garrick. I'll (blah blah blah whatever)"
And then I say, "Th-[CLICK]"
I look and verify that, indeed, he hung up on me again.
Before the handset is returned to the cradle I can generally fire off a too-loud,"mother stupid sack of crap he hung up on me again why does he do that does he have no decency I should be allowed to conversationally close a phone call with a co-worker and (co-worker name deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement) just freaking hangs up every stupid time!" -- only sometimes I like to spice it up with profanity and disparaging genealogical references. Okay, I do that every time.
And then I tense up, because the conversation didn't officially end.
People should say something to signal the conversational part of the brain that it can go back to sleep. "Good bye", "See ya", "Farewell" or even "Bugger off" are all just fine.
I need closure!
It is deskphone to deskphone Voice Over IP, so it isn't like anyone is paying for long distance or anything.
And then, no lie, he called me and did it this morning while I typed this.
Apparently, he hangs up on everyone.
There have been times when I've stood up following one of these calls with the announcement that I will be driving to his location to physically kill him.
I usually get about half a dozen offers to buy gas for the trip.

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