Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sometimes even geeks get confused, I guess.
My confusion is a little less than the guy on the left there, but then again while physical attraction is out of the question I can definitely respect a Stormtrooper's drive to bring order to the galaxy. I'm sure most only joined up with the Imperials to pay for college anyway.
So. My own confusion this morning was delivered in email form.
I have a message from someone in one of the big offices.
This email is so laden with corporate buzzwords I'm not even sure it was supposed to go to me.
I've read it several times and my opinion about it shifts each time. I'm not sure if I've been complimented or exonerated or vilified. Then again, maybe it isn't even about me.
The sad thing is it looks like it took a long time to write and I'm not sure what (if anything) the intended recipient is supposed to do. This is a little frightening when I consider that it might be me.
While I hope I'm not missing an assigned task, I think it would be worse to reply to the email to request clarification.
I'll meditate on it after coffee to see if some . . . I don't know. . . anything . . . materializes out of the seemingly ethereal Courier New.
I'm all about the ease of communication through technology, really. But has sending an email really replaced the need for the kind of rational thought which is required in an actual person-to-person meeting?
Also, "CC: Everyone on the planet" can communicate a point to a bunch of people at once, however two things have to happen first:
1. The single person with an action item needs to be apparent among the giant CC Cloud
2. The sender has to actually have a point
Re: The Email from this morning -- I'm not even sure I was supposed to be included and I certainly don't see the point.

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