Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yesterday we got another call from Comcast Cable. To be completely accurate, between when I got home at 5:30 and when I finally gave up and answered at 8:30 we got four calls from Comcast Cable.
I explained (again) that we don't have DirectTV. I patiently listened to the sales pitch for 24 channels for $9.95 a month and noticed that of those 24, at least a third are available via set-top antenna.
I asked if there would be anything on worth watching, which triggers a place in the script where the sales person talks about the wonderful programming on PBS. I'm not saying it isn't great, I just know the "P" stands for "Public" and I can get it for free.
Then I told him we had digital cable at one point. Quick math let me share with him that we had (prior to our cancellation) 12 times as many channels as his offer contained and there was absolutely nothing worth watching.
He told me there would be no contract on our $9.95 line up.
I took a different tack.
"Okay," I said, "I've got your high-speed internet. When it was Time Warner, it would go down on a Friday night and I could call, listen to how there were no network issues and hit the "1" button until I could speak with a person. Then, they would tell me a technician couldn't be dispatched for four or five days and advise me to reboot my computer. They would also offer to credit my account for the outage."
"This is our policy, too," he agreed.
"Let's say I sign up for the cable TV," I offered, "Can I call the same number to get a credit if there is nothing worth watching."
"I'm not sure." He was painfully off-script at this point.
I pressed on, "I'm not talking about no signal, snow on every channel, some "We are working to resolve the issue" sign on the menu screen -- I mean the choice is between something in Spanish and The View. Can I call in and get a credit for crap programming?"
"Let me check with the Floor Manager."
And I was thrust into the "On Hold" realm of a recorded advertisement for High-Speed Internet through Comcast.
He came back,"I can't find her, but I'm sure if you address your concerns with the CSR, you will be issued a credit."
After this, I declined anyway and asked to be removed from the call list.
I share this information just so that everyone knows there is a simple recourse for crap television. Don't pay for it. Paying for it just encourages them.
In other news, we are dashing up on the unannounced deadline for the motto contest.
The competition is fierce. I'd recommend bringing one's "A" Game.

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