Monday, August 13, 2007

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So. In my opinion, Pirate is the new Ninja.
I've recently been sucked into a browser-based free online game based around looting and pillaging the once-peaceful islands of the Caribbean. As a bonus, it is called "Walk My Plank".
If I hadn't been boarded and plundered while I slept, I would totally be exploring the seas or (most likely) attacking other logged off pirates to take their stuff right now.
There is no blistering 3d action and combat is decidedly non-twitch-based. It is, however, fairly instantly addictive -- Especially to my people.
To geeks, online games about pirates are like chewy crack with a hard candy crystal meth shell wrapped in a scrap of paper inscribed with quotes from Yoda.
I will not waste your time with a detailed review of the mechanics and an in-depth analysis of Walk My Plank compared with the other great pirate online games of the past.
I'll just take a moment to remind everyone that it is a little over a month until International Talk Like A Pirate Day and suggest that we could all use as much practice as we can get.

In other news, I'm fast closing in on the 3,000 point mark with Coke Reward Points. Gwynyth has decided we need something in the 6,000 point range, so my kidneys are going to have to take one for the team.


Anonymous said...

Must not plunder Garrick's ship................

tess said...

If I have coke points I would like to donate to the cause... What would be the protocol on that? =)

(I'm a Pepsi person, and only drink Coke when the vending machine is out of everything else, so I wind up with a Coke... Um... Twice a week?)

Garrick said...

Hey, Tess!
You can email points to, where they will be much appreciated.
I need you to go back and blog, though. I used "horses can't throw up" in a meeting last week. My missed deadline was completely forgotten.

tess said...


Nice to see I'm being used as meeting mayhem material =D

Things livened up at work, so I'll probably post something soon (probably a whine fest, but eh).

You should have 2 more coke points in a few minutes =)